LifeCare is what I call this unique strain of integrated, interdisciplinary Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Guidance. It is a form of preventative medicine and supplementary self-care that enables clients to live holistic, purposeful, and inspired lives.

As you may have noticed, many of us experience recurring patterns of tension and dis-ease. We tend to get stuck in limiting belief systems and disempower ourselves with various fears and obsessions. Whether we become self-deprecating or self-absorbed (usually it’s both) we almost always lose touch with the essential nature of reality, as it exists prior to our perceptual filters and conceptual impositions. Basically, we miss the point of life — by not noticing it unfold majestically all around us.

Through Lucid LifeCare I employ a wide range of holistic healing modalities and techniques for cultivating ever greater states of happiness, wholeness, and well-being while utilizing time-tested formula for the elimination of limiting habits of conditioned self-deprocating behavior invoke presence, cultivate wakefulness, and deepen awareness.